Make your dream come true





​Have you long been dreaming about that new home, or extension to your home? Maybe you want to own a tiny house, a cabin, a treehouse or a houseboat. Or perhaps it is a small building to welcome your guests. Maybe you can't find the caravan of your dream. You would love to see your old sailing boat refurbished. You've been thinking of adding nice bookshelves in your lounge. What is your 'wildest dream'?

You have ideas and wishes but you don't have the time or the knowledge to do it yourself and achieve that level of quality and aesthetics you've been dreaming about. You feel like small details matter and you want to make sure you will be understood. You want something that fits exactly your circumstances and desires. 


Get in touch with us to make your dream come true. We are passionate about people's projects and love to take the time to understand your needs. With only the two of us and a few projects a year we make sure your project is unique and truly yours.

We offer you a peace of mind. We deal with every aspect of the project and you get a finished product that is tailored for you.

We are interested in the story behind your project, we know it is very dear to your heart and we will use all our expertise to deliver excellent craftsmanship to exceed your expectations. We will offer advice and suggestions and always follow your final choice, because you will be the one living in this new or renovated space.​

Paul and Carolyn knew a lot of work was required to offer their grand-children the sailing yacht of their father. For many years they hesitated, feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be performed and the wide variety of competences required. They were not even sure the boat was in a condition good enough to sail ever again. They would have to liaise with someone willing to find leaks and fix them using fiberglass, a marine electronic specialist, a plumber, a cover maker, an engine dealer, a person willing to sail to deliver the boat in the new harbor, a rigging specialist and so many more. And most of all, they needed someone they could trust to make the right decisions on their behalf. The boat had to be safe for the fourth generation to enjoy her. We visited the boat together and six weeks later they had the pleasure of sailing with their daughter and grand-children on a completely refurbished and modernized boat. 





QRM leaving the yacht yard
Sailing test on QRM